After a week with it, I love my Amazon Halo Band, but I have many questions! Here are a few.

I want to tell my doctors about it--is there a physician-facing website that I can point them to?

How can mental health professionals work together with their clients to understand and adopt to Tone?

How am I to know what adjustments in Tone are beneficial relative to my actual life goals, as opposed to its recommendations for "Positivity and Energy"?

What is the significance of position in Tone descriptor tuples like this: [calm, restrained, sad]? Are these equally weighted?

Why can't I click on a descriptor tuple and hear the corresponding utterance?

Are there peer-reviewed articles that provide traceability from what Halo Band is measuring & reporting to clinical outcomes? Not just "exercise is good", but "150 activity points was demonstrated to reduce cardiac disease mortality by 15%" or whatever. Ideally, the scientific documents justifying the design for both major features and Labs would be available to all.