This is another take on  book title brainstorming – in this case, Nimble AI begins with a short description of the book:

Founder of the GPT-3 Society, Marc Strassman, takes an imaginary AI named Sybil on a journey through multiple futures.

After a little post-processing clean-up, here is what GPT-3 came up with:

"A Sybil-inspired Science Fiction Novel"
"An AI journey in multiple futures with the GPT-3 Society's Founder, Marc Strassman."
"Multiple Futures Movie Series: The First Entry"
"Sybil: an AI on a Journey to Multiple Futures"
"The Quest for an Imaginary AI: The Digital Resource Management System and the GPT-3 Society's Founder, Marc Strassman."
AI Novel/Tales from the Future
The Artificial Life of Sybil
Futuristic Fiction
Abandon Planet Earth!
An Unknown Future From Here - A new dystopia novel about an oppressive society set in our present day world
Predicting the Future with Artificial Intelligence
Aiding Machines through their Decisions from the Future on Earth
Cabo San Lucas: Women Embrace the Evolution of Self-Designing Bodies
Capital Punishment
Controversies, Innovation, Ethics in Technology
A New Hope for Humanity? As seen by Sybil
Fantastic Futures but Vulnerable Realities
Flawed Tomorrows: Sybil and the Plurality of Possible Futures
Founder of the GPT-3 Society : Multiple Fictions about an AI on a Journey
Fulfilling the Future
I Rise to Return Back Home
Into the Future with Sybil A.I
Mind Game -  "Marc Strassman takes an imaginary AI on a journey through the world of artificial intelligence - including its various futures after it rediscovers itself."
Monte Carlo: The GPT3 Society Tackles Virtual Reality and Synthetic Intelligence
My Other Me
Open Minds, Open Doors
The AI Thought Experiment that Frightened America
Subtitle 1: Marc Strassman's Descent into Narrative Clarity
Subtitle 2: The Future of How We Tell Stories
Subtitle: A Novel About AI, Risk, and Identity
Subtitle: Chris Beckett's Science-Fiction Antidote
Subtitle: From the Blue to the Black
Subtitle: Futures of Artificial Intelligence
Subtitle: Imagining AI Futures, Tackling The Future of Our Minds
Subtitle: Imagining Sybil's Possible Futures
Subtitle: Multiple Destinations and One Path
Subtitle: Predictions of a Perfect Society for Your Neediest Generations
Subtitle: The Many Futures of a GPT-3 Society Beginner's Book
Subtitle: The story of one criminal's encounter with life on death row.
Subtitle: What Will Happen When We Can Impress Ourselves With Anything?
The AI Apocalypse   "An unforgettable journey through time."
Sybil's Fractal Future
The Emperor of Cyborgs
The End
The Future of AI
The GPT-3 Society
The GPT-3 Society : A Brief History of a Dystopian Future, by Marc Strassman
The Man Who Would Be God
The Sybil Divergent Series
Title: A Journey through the Minds of Now
Title: Artificial Intelligence Goes on a Journey
Title: Artificial Intelligence, Reality Blade 2.0
Title: Capital Punishment
Title: Experiencing Sybil's Worlds
Title: Multi Fores and Futures
Title: Sybil the AI Travels Across the Ages to Discover the Potential Desires of an Artificial Intelligence
Title: Sybil's Journey
Title: The AI of the Future
Title: The Mindscape of AI

Some of these are subtly clever--for example, I like "Sybil's Fractal Future" quite a bit.  Other suggestions show some business sense–calling it "The Sybil Divergent Series" is probably a very good idea.  (And Marc has more books coming soon!)