During my fifteen years as a publisher I am proud to have published books from every part of the political spectrum, left, right, and center. My personal politics are those of a Joe Manchin Democrat (with a generous dash of pigheaded contrarianism) but I firmly believe in old-school free speech: not only that every voice deserves the chance to be heard, but that it is actively beneficial for us to frequently hear views that are very far from our own. So this next announcement is one that I am very happy about!

In RAGING TWENTIES, journalist Pepe Escobar smashes a triple-wide jumbo bulldozer of erudition and insight through the painfully narrow and now Big Tech-fortified Overton window of conventional American political discourse. This volume includes 25 essays written for Asia Times, Consortium News, and Strategic Culture in the incomparable year of 2020 and adds a new introduction, afterword, and table of abbreviations. Educated people of all political persusasions will enjoy Escobar's stinging prose and his display of his wide-ranging and truly global knowledge of poetry, history, and political philosophy. American readers already skeptical of the dominant narrative will enjoy this scintillating dissection of the mammoth hypocrisy involved in the standard governmental and corporate narrative. And those with perspectives similar to the American mainstream will benefit from hearing from an articulate spokesperson for the several *billion* people who find the political perspectives that are commonplace in Asia, Europe, China, Russia, and Iran more congenial than those of a US establishment that has gifted the world with seventy-five-plus years of continuous war.

Hardcover: https://amzn.to/2N3cb1M
Paperback https://amzn.to/2N9jYem
Kindle: https://amzn.to/3s1Hwkf

Pepe Escobar is a journalist, independent geopolitical analyst and author. Born in Brazil, he started in the daily newspaper business in 1982 as a music, cinema, literature and cultural critic and became a foreign correspondent in 1985, first in London and then Milan, Los Angeles and Paris. In 1994 he decided to move from the West to Asia, first to Singapore and then Bangkok and Hong Kong. He has been living between Europe and Asia ever since-with bases alternating between London/Paris and Bangkok/Hong Kong, as well as stints in Washington and New York. He has covered virtually everything important that happened across Asia in the past 25 years, including the geopolitics and geoeconomics of Southeast Asia, China, Russia, and progressively, the arc from Afghanistan/Pakistan to Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and the Persian Gulf. Switching from the Asian miracle to the war on terror, after 9/11 he covered the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq (before, during and after), energy wars and, in the Obama years, the American pivot to Asia. For the past few years, his focus is the Chinese-driven New Silk Roads, all aspects of Eurasia integration, and the geopolitical clash between the US and the Russia/China strategic partnership. He has written columns and Op-Eds for dozens of online publications-including Al Jazeera, RT and Sputnik-and has been a frequent guest of TV and radio shows from North America to Asia. His articles/columns are regularly translated in several languages. He currently lives between Paris and Bangkok.

Escobar's first book in the US, Globalistan (Nimble, 2007), brilliantly anticipated the future of a disintegrating international system in an era of "Liquid" (hybrid) war. These were followed by Red Zone Blues (2007); Obama does Globalistan (2009); Empire of Chaos (2014); and 2030 (2015), all by Nimble Books.