1. You must create an ID with Nimble AI. Go to https://nimblebooks.com:5002 and select Register.  Confirmation message will be sent to you via email.
  2. Before coming back to Nimble Books, go to the Kindle Direct Publishing Reports page and download three months worth of Prior Months' Royalty files.  Select one month at a time and click Generate Report in New Format.

3. This is a repetitive chore, but once you do it, all your KDP data will be stored here and readily accessible for analysis and visualization. Save all the files on your local PC in a single folder.

4. Now return to Nimble AI, log in, and click on Upload Your KDP Data.

5. On this page, select multiple files using the Choose Files button

then hit Submit.  You will receive a progress report.

6. Now go to View Status of Uploaded Sales Data.  This shows all the files you have ever uploaded. There will be tools to edit and update these files in the future.

7. On this same page, click Launch Kindle Data Explorer.

8.  Now here's the hero moment.  All your data is now available in a super-powerful Pandas-based data exploration and visualization tool called D-Tale.

As you can see top left, there are 18 columns and 721 rows, representing all the title/month sales pairs.

The tool has a dizzying array of analysis and visualization options.

Suffice it to say that if you are interested in both data analytics and Kindle Direct Publishing, you are going to be very, very happy with this service.  As far as I know, nothing anywhere near as capable is available anywhere else.