New from Nimble Books:

PIECES OF HISTORY: ARTIFACTS OF THE PT BOAT NAVY in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle.

MTBSTC: MOTOR TORPEDO BOAT SQUADRON TRAINING CENTER first time in paperback -- much more affordable!

THE GREAT SPACE FORCE DEBATE: A WAY FORWARD FROM THE PAST? this hardcover reproduction of a 2019 thesis has a very detailed accounting of the institutional arguments against Space Force; it will be interesting to see if any of these resurface during the Biden administration.

MOVEMENT AND MANEUVER IN DEEP SPACE: A FRAMEWORK TO LEVERAGE ADVANCED PROPULSION thesis reproduction making the key point -- if you start in outer space, you can approach the enemy from any direction.

TEN PROPOSITIONS REGARDING SPACE POWER a new hardcover reissue of the 2011 paperback.

NATIONAL SPACE POLICY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA -- in Kindle format for convenience and hardcover for durability.

I refurbished the "Publish with Nimble" page at

And touched up the Style Guide.

Finally, behind the scenes, I have been doing a ton of data analysis using Pandas against my 16 years of sales statistics. (I will be sharing versions of these tools on GitHub, but I need to do some cleanup first.) So far, most of the hypotheses behind my "pivot to Nimble" are proving out, and it looks as if I will be able to make the climb from hobby to "lifestyle business" during 2021. It also looks as if in 2021 I am going to be able to replace the antiquated, expensive and cumbersome Microsoft Access-based royalty that I use software with a Python solution of my own creation. The benefit for Nimble authors is that while reports will be less elaborate, they should come out earlier.