New on Amazon from Nimble public domain: the House Committee on the Judiciary's Investigation Of Competition In Digital Markets: Majority Staff Report And Recommendations.

Timely, with Twitter and Facebook today actively censoring a sketchy report from the New York Post about some emails attributed Hunter Biden. Love the FAANG companies or hate them, it's easy to see why some people on both sides of the aisle are concerned they have too much power. This 450-page 8.5 x 11 hardcover-bound report is a deep dive into the Judiciary Committee's thinking, which may become more relevant in 2021. A useful reference, or the perfect stocking demolisher for your favorite Zuckerberg-hating relative!

Speaking of monopoly power: in the world of books, Amazon and Kindle Desktop Publishing have enormous power, and Amazon maintains a tight throttle on the publication of public domain books via KDP's print and e-book options. Annoying "trollbots" carry out repeated interrogations as you work your way through the submission process. Fortunately, I have a way around that -- my distribution is via Lightning Source, a subsidiary of the largest US book publisher, Ingram.

The submission and cover design process for Lightning Source is more technical and less user-friendly than the process for KDP, but fortunately, I've done a lot of automation work over the years and I now have a Python program for the Scribus open source desktop publishing program that can semi-automagically create submission-ready covers in the Lightning Source format in a matter of a few minutes. The thing of beauty below is the result of my script, which has created and correctly positioned all the layers, text styles, text boxes and images needed for the book I was working on last night. More about this soon in the Members area!