Another new public domain title appearing in the Amazon catalog:

The Navy's Nuclear Power Plant in Antarctica: Final Operating Report for the PM-3A Nuclear Power Plant, McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Antarctica has been a pet interest of mine for decades--I have always enjoyed reading about human activity in extreme conditions in books such as INTO THIN AIR, ICE STATION ZEBRA, and even the 2019 romcom WHERE'D YOU GO, BERNADETTE.  

But this is an important topic for reasons that go beyond the personal.   The US Department of Defense continues to explore nuclear power as an electricity and logistics solution for forward operating bases (FOB), and Russia has a floating nuclear power plant operating in Siberian waters in 2020, so this experience remains an important reference point.  The McMurdo experiment was not a successful one with power available for McMurdo Station for only 72% of the time and more than 400 reactor malfunctions recorded.