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Release 1.0.0-Michener

This is the initial release of Nimble AI, which provides algorithmic tools for readers, authors, and publishers using OpenAI's GPT-3 API and other software.

Features available now:

  • Invoke the aid of the Muses as you begin your writing project and they will send you a poem to inspire you.  It worked for Homer and Virgil, why not give it a whirl?
  • Create bibliographic keywords and MARC Subject Headings to improve the metadata for your book.
  • Upload up a Word document of up to 25K and receive page-by-page analysis by our Thoughtful AI Editor.

Coming soon:

  • More Muses!
  • More AI Editors!
  • LeoBloom.py, Nimble's book sales analysis & royalty accounting software for Kindle Desktop Publishing and Ingram's Lightning Source.
  • Support for uploads of longer documents, including PDF.
  • And more prompts of all kinds!

Registration is free and entitles you to up to 5,000 tokens worth of free AI usage every month. Once registered, you have the option to purchase the Standard Plan, which entitles you to use all Nimble AI's tools for readers, authors, and publishers.

This release is named "Michener" in honor of fellow Swarthmore alum James Michener '29, who shared my interest in long-form prose.  The next release will be "Niven".

Release 1.1.0-Michener

Replaces email delivery of  "Analyze This Document" with https download.  There is a maximum 120 second for report creation before timeout.  In future I will implement a proper asynchronous solution, and email delivery will return as an option.

Fixes bug in link to User Profile page. You can now change your first and last name!

Release 1.2.0-Michener

Adds a page where you can get immediate feedback from the Thoughtful Editor on a passage of text up to 1000 characters long.

Release 1.3.0-Michener

Adds five latest completions to Admin Dashboard.  Adds presets_parser function to utilities.