First mild bump: I don't seem to be able to charge it via the USB hub I have connected to my Mac. Had to randomly plug charger into another Amazon USB plug, which was a bit scary.

The first feature page in the opening pamphlet is "Let's talk about tone", or "welcome to your new tone policing overlords..." I foresee pushback. There are four major features -- Activity tracking, Tone, Sleep, and Full Body Scan. Activity Tracking and Sleep seem pretty straightforward and automatic. The full body scan is novel and is a lot more of a project for the user.

To begin with, it asks you to get down to your briefs, then set the camera on a shelf and line yourself up for a series of photos. I am 6'2 with a long torso (32" inseam) so I had to keep retreating from the recommended 4 to 6 feet until I was finally standing about 12 feet away, far enough that I could not read what was on the screen. Then it the computer asks you to four profiles in front of the camera which is, again, very odd. It took about 15 minutes for me to succeed in capturing a scan, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised that it worked at all. Then I had to wait about 30 minutes for the results; not sure if that was a delay at the Amazon end, or mostly down to wifi issues at my place. When the images arrived ... well, let me say that reviewing a "no filter" version of my actual body shape was not a super pleasant experience, but it was also a powerful moment. We'll see how it affects my behavior over the next six months.

As often with Amazon products there is a subtle usability bias where the product makes much more sense if you have a calm, well modulated, affluent household: really designed for singles, DINKs, and empty nesters. Pulling off regular full body scans, or modulating your tone in politically correct manner, is likely to be more difficult if you have a noisy, stressed household full of people who are energetically remarking on your activities, e.g. anyone with children, an engaged spouse, or a busy domicile.

When I get a bit more experience with the other reporting features -- Activity, Tone, Sleep -- I will update this.

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