New from Nimble public domain: the Steele Dossier Corroboration Spreadsheet for handy reference in durable 11 x 8.5 case laminate.

This is a printed version of a 94-page spreadsheet compiled by the FBI during its effort to corroborate the allegations in the Steele Dossier. Published for public information, no political stance implied.

On a technical note this title is of interest because it's the first landscape format book I've printed -- a useful experiment as there are a lot of image-driven book topics that might work better in landscape. Of course, a key design issue during ideation is how many of the images are landscape not portrait! I use this Python snippet in my algorithmic publishing work, in a scenario where I am pulling the image data from a nested JSON dictionary called assets.

   # loop over candidate images for book

    width = assets['results']['dimensions']['width']
    height = assets['results']['dimensions']['height']
    if int(width) < int(height):
        aspect_ratio = 'portrait'
        aspect_ratio = 'landscape'
        # add this to the pool of landscape images