THE GRANDDAUGHTER PROJECT will be distributed both by Ingram, the largest U.S. distributor (hardcover) and Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (paperback and Kindle formats).  Accordingly, it will be available from almost all online bookstores.  

coming soon: "Talk With the Book" via Nimble AI

The items below will be populated with links as soon as the book is ready to order in catalogs.

Amazon is fast. Hardcover/ paperback/Kindle on or at Amazon's other national stores.  

Universal URIs that deliver you to the right Amazon store automatically:

Amazon's subsidiary has free delivery worldwide - hardcover and paperback and delivers to is familiar to many in the US.

Blackwell's similarly for the UK .

Price comparison sites like Bookfinder can be helpful. gets good word of mouth and donates to local booksellers.

If you want your local bookseller or library to buy a copy, tell them to order from Ingram or Ingram International.

If all else fails, you can order direct from the publisher, Nimble Books - email  Be aware that the international shipping options available to us are likely more expensive than those available to huge companies!