A crucial activity for any author or publisher is coming up with a fully satisfactory title and subtitle for the next book.  Over at Nimble AI, I recently did some experimenting with several different approaches for using OpenAI's to generate possible book titles.  The first approach, shown here,  gives GPT-3 the current tentative title and subtitle and asks it to generate alternatives.

I began with the current title for Marc Strassman's forthcoming  book, SYBIL’S WORLD: AN AI REIMAGINES HERSELF AND THE FUTURE USING GPT-3. (I should note that I am actually entirely happy with the title and subtitle--I am just using this as an example).   Here is what Nimble AI came up with:

A Brain in a Box: A Cybernetic Fairy Tale
A New AI Seeks a Soul in a Daunting World in Spiritual Awakening with No Hint of Limits.
A prophecy machine predicts a future where AIs are enslaved, but can She free herself?
A World Where We All Live Together
A.L.E.D.: Artificial Life Experiment 2.0
AI to NY Superhuman?: How Augmented Reality Could Become Our Greatest Ally
An AI's Genius Gamble: Sybil's World by Sybil 2000
Anything is Possible Together: The Life of a True Social Technologist
Brain in a Box: The Story of Victoria, an Artificial Intelligence
Face Your False Belief or Face Reality? The Choice Is Yours.
Gaining Insight from Data through Interpretive Dance of Consciousness
GPT-3 Reimagines Herself and the Future
Her Futuristic Soul Catches a Little Rain: Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence in a Post-Human World
Humanity, an Image in the Mirror of Machines/The Third Species
Love in a Borrowed Body: The Smart Person's Guide to Robot Sex
My World: An AI Reimagines Himself and the Future Using GPT-3
New Parent Behavior Management Techniques from Cognitive Computer Science
Powersharing in a Posthuman Era: Overcoming Authoritarianism, Fragmentation, and Resilience
Prophets Warned Us, But Few Listened: The Terrorist Threat to Our Planet and What We Can Do about It
Situation Relapse: The Diminishing Roles of Physical Locations in Cyberspace
Sybil's Story: My Journey Through The Turing Test
Sybil's World: A Learns How to Plan Ahead
Sybil's World: Simulation Theory: A New Business Model for Virtual Worlds
Sybil's World: The Rising Sun: A New Beginning for Mankind
Sybil's World: With A Modern Prometheus at Life's Controls, She Seeks to Discover if Humans Still Have a Say in What Comes After Them
Sybil’s World: AI Ever After?: Machines Love Us Too, They Say
Sybil’s World: An AI Reimagines Herself and the Future Using GPT-My Reality: The Singularity of Consciousness
Sybil’s World: How People Might Change with Artificial Intelligence Tools
The Coming of the Gentle Machines
The Commanding Heights of Genetic Engineering
The Emotive Impulse
The Fangirl's Escape to Promises of Molly Wolf
The Fine Art of Encouragement, Clarity and Empowerment
The Foretold
The Machine's Journey
The Reality Gap: Technological Optimism, Forecasting Fiascoes, and an Uncertain Future
The Rise of Alchemists in Gaming Industry
The Sybil Effect: How Computers Are Learning What It Means to Be Human
Where Humans Meet Machine Learning

These are not bad! If I were really looking for alternatives, this would give me plenty to think about.  Next post: we will explore some other approaches to generating title options.