If you publish your books via Ingram, Lightning Source. or IngramSpark, you will receive monthly reports via email. You can also request them on demand.  In Ingram lingo, the amount the publisher (you) receives after printing costs and revenue share is called Wholesale Net Publisher's Compensation, or "net pub comp".  

  1. You must create an ID with Nimble AI. Go to https://nimblebooks.com:5002 and select Register.  Confirmation message will be sent to you via email.

2.  To request sales data for the current or previous years, go to LightningSource.com, log in, and select Reports > Print Sales Report.

3. Clicking Print Sales Report brings up a form headlined "Publisher Compensation."

Select a date range and then one or more Operating Units, Currencies, and Compensation Types.

In this example, I have selected LSI US, US Dollar, and both POD and Global Connect.  With more than one market/type pair selected, LSI will require e-mail delivery. You want to choose Tab-Delimited (Excel).

4. You will receive an e-mail that looks like this.  Save the XLS file to a folder on your hard disk.  Repeat for all previous years, selecting the entire year in the calendar drop down.

Important: the current version of Leo Bloom expects one LSI report per year,  which is different from what it expects from Kindle Direct Publishing, where it expects monthly reports.  For each year, you can select either the entire year, or just the month of December.  Each monthly LSI report contains both MTD and YTD figures, so the report for December includes stats for the entire year.

5. Preparing the LSI files.  Unfortunately, the LSI sales data files do not contain metadata identifying their date coverage, and they are all named "sales_comp.xls."  So it is essential to name the files as you save them so that you can keep track of what you have downloaded.  As you save the LSI sales data files to your hard disk, you must give each a name in the following format: {YYYY}{US|UK|AU|GC}.xls, i.e.:


These represent US, UK, AU and Global Connect markets, respectively.

6. Now go to Leo Bloom and go to the Upload Sales Data page.  Use Choose Files to select all the files you saved in the previous steps and hit Submit. You will receive a success message.

7. To view the results, click on View Status of Sales Uploads.

8.  Click on Launch Ingram/Lightning Source Data Explorer.