This page offers you the opportunity to purchase OpenAI-powered book "templates" from Nimble Books that you can then edit, extend and submit for publication with Nimble in hardcover, paperback, and ebook editions. The beauty of this is the vertical integration: there's a guaranteed market at the end of your efforts. There will be many different types of templates, and the first one was chosen simply because it was the easiest to implement for a test.

The Eccentric Dictionaries Template

I’ve always loved what I call “eccentric dictionaries.” Under that heading I include both standard dictionaries with serious definitions that are salted with a hefty dose of personality, like Samuel Johnson’s A Dictionary of the English Language, and humorous dictionaries with definitions not intended to be taken literally, like Ambrose Bierce’s A Devil’s Dictionary.

The Eccentric Dictionaries template consists of 1000 dictionary entries written in the style of Ambrose Bierce and delivered to you in a Word file that has already been formatted for publication with Track Changes on.  All you need to do is review, edit, and enhance. You are entirely free to delete entries, to add and delete words, to add new entries, senses, examples, and comments.  You can change the style, reverse the meaning, transform the text in any way you see fit.   Your goal is to create an eccentric dictionary in the spirit of Bierce, flavored with your own interests and spirit, and up to your own highest standard of quality.  Once you're done, submit for publication!

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