Welcome ZerothDraft prospects! You have just been added to this Nimble Books mailing list because you expressed interest in trying out this new tool which harvests your social media posts and creates a ready-to-edit book manuscript. I create a test book, then send it along to you as an attachment along with an invitation to consider publishing via Nimble Books. If this can help me accelerate the prospect of getting prospective authors off the fence and into print, it may be a very powerful form of vertical integration.

Jury's still out, though. The goal is to make the pushbutton manuscripts very, very close to publishable. Right now, they are further away than that. The initial version uses strictly chronological ordering for the assembled material, so the results aren't, honestly, all that impressive. Next up is to add clustering, which should help a lot, and then GPT-3.

To try out Zeroth Draft now, provide your Twitter handle or LinkedIn profile URL via the Google Form below.

In other news: I updated the Standard Nimble Book Publishing Contract to version 9.0 and placed a PDF version for ready reference. The most unusual aspect of the contract (which has been substantially unchanged for 15 years) is that it provides for payment in terms of sharing net profit rather than a royalty calculated from list price. This is better suited for my practice of publishing strictly on demand.

Signed & under development: ARTIFACTS OF THE PT BOAT NAVY by Frank J. Andruss Sr.! Hundreds of unique, never-before-printed photographs.

Big companies can spend millions of dollars on this sort of thing, but as part of the current brand refresh for Nimble Books I can issue a simple dictat: the new house font is Libre Baskerville. I like a lot of the old style Goudy fonts from the 1910s and 20s, but they look a bit too old to use in modern work. This Baskerville, based on a 1941 design from American Type Foundry is a nice compromise between my competing impulses to embrace modernity and reject it, which is very much on brand for Nimble Books and for me.

On which note, I bid you a fond adieu, to you and you and you!